Choose Cedarcreek

Welcome to Cedarcreek! We are the only school in Saugus USD that connects environmental sciences with real-life explorations in a bucolic garden. Let nature be your child’s teacher!

Students Learn Real-World Skills

Our learning community is focused on the environment and the world around us as we foster a generation of students who will have the real-life skills to make this world a better place for their own and future generations.

Outdoor learning spaces engage students’ instinctively inquisitive minds. Set on over five acres, our students interact with nature in our school’s life-lab garden that meanders through the tree-covered campus.

Gourmet Workstations

As students care for and cultivate organic vegetables and herbs, they learn about environmental sustainability. Once the harvest is made, they put lessons of healthy living and nutrition to work with practical, hands-on culinary arts in our portable gourmet workstations.

Students learn the art of farm-to-table meal preparation and gain a lifelong commitment to personal health and wellbeing. Through rigorous and engaging project-based learning, students develop a relationship with their environment that guides them to become ecologically conscious engineers of the future.

Join the journey of a lifetime!

group of students and staff holding awards